My Business Building Thoughts

  • The Honest Truth About ‘Those’ 6-Figure Mentors

    I am one of those coaches/visionary women who spent TENS of thousands of dollars on ‘Big Name 6-Figure Mentors’ in hopes of turning my struggling, little coaching practice into an epic coaching empire with year long masterminds, hundreds of loyal clients and me basking in the glory of achieving multimillion dollar status. Year after year I envisioned myself sitting on a stage perfectly coiffed and polished in front of my logo-colored drapery with my name and buzz phrase in the center. I would be perched in my Director’s Chair and to my left would sit 5 of my most successful clients who would one by one gush about their transformations from poverty to profitability based on applying my signature step-by-step process. There would be tears, hugs and celebrations as each would confirm how making just one decision to work with me changed their lives and that anyone who dreams of Read more →

Working with Me

Want help getting clients? There’s not an app for that, but there are plenty of ways we can work together to make that happen. Before you check in with me about working together, it’s a good idea to share how things work between us. I’m a coach, but not the type of coach you expect. There are lots of things I provide and do so “coach” isn’t quite all encompassing. Click here to find out more...

What Clients Are Saying